LOCAL OUTDOOR HIGHLIGHT : Lake Geneva Canopy Tours, for Mountain Biking

Lake Geneva Canopy Tours does zip lines, and ropes courses high up in the trees. The name says it all, but what the name doesn't say is they've got a trail system for mountain bikers on the ground too, and it's the focus of this LOCAL OUTDOOR HIGHLIGHT. The parking lot bustles with harness clad tourists looking for the zip line thrills, but park right up front and head inside the Welcome Center to pay the $10 fee for a day pass to ride a mountain bike on their trail system. 

The system offers just under nine miles of single
track, but the true highlight of the trails at Lake Geneva Canopy Tours(LGCT) is the vastly distinct nature of the design. Flow trail is the most popular trail design in the region, but this is not that. This system is a plethora of tight technical turns and off-camber features. The terrain of the grounds is really abrupt in its elevation changes. Hills large and small have steep grades.

^Trail map snap. Have a map, or take a pic of it on the phone like this one. It will come in handy. Click here, for the online hike/bike trail map from the LGCT website.

^The opening section of the Yellow trail winds through the ropes course and can be a bit confusing to maneuver at times as ropes course trails intersect frequently. All the trails are mandated to be ridden clockwise, and the Orange trail circumnavigates the whole property offering more mellow grades and flat sections to pedal it out. 

^Yellow or Orange. You do have to choose,

^ but Pink... Pink can only be reached via the Yellow trail. 

^The Pink trail is something all of it's own character. The technicality is off the charts for the region for its "Trials" riding flavor. "Trials" riding, yes "trial", not "trail", is a slower moving, tight turning, brake riding, extravaganza of difficulty. Steep climbs and descents are only eclipsed by the tightness of the switchbacks. The picture above displays one such steep descent that culminates in a tight downhill off-camber right hand turn.  

^Another techy descent feature in the picture above. The Pink trail is indeed for the advanced, and also not for the light-hearted either. The "trials" nature of the design may take some by surprise and can catch unsuspecting riders off-guard or over the handlebars. However, go into it knowing what to expect, and perhaps even desiring it, and the Pink trail will deliver the "trials" feel. 

^A truly unique landscape with towering platforms and staircases flanking the trails often brings riders into a different kind of experience complementing the systems already unique design.

^Bridges under bridges.

^The Pink trail rejoins the Yellow trail without loosing much of it. The backside of the Yellow trail brings riders up past the zip line tower that was visible from the parking lot, and then descends all the way back to that view again at the parking lot. The final descent of the Yellow trail changes gears slightly to incorporate more "flow trail" flavor that the region is known for. Longer radius turns and faster speeds feels differentiated from all the turny technicality of the previous sections of the Yellow and Pink trails. 

^Open it up a bit more at the end.

^These markers on the trees are the key to navigating the trail system at Lake Geneva Canopy Tours. There are many intersections, but these marks delineate the way sporadically throughout the trails. Without them, it could be difficult, but keep the head up for them and it goes pretty well. Lake Geneva Canopy Tours is an amazing experience all of its own unique flavor in outdoor adventure, and its more then just awesome zip lines and ropes courses. It brings something different and unique for mountain bikers too. 

For more information about Lake Geneva Canopy Tours check out their website with a click here.